Shintake Hotoku Zendo Kanko Kaihatsu Co.,Ltd. (Shintake Tour) was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1989 providing concierge services to Japanese individuals, travellers, corporations and Japanese public organisations ever since.

In over 30 years we have been doing this work, we have found that we have worked with approximately 50,000 Japanese residents in Thailand and working with the Japanese government-related organizations. Furthermore, we also run our business ventures to meet the needs of our clients, colleges, and people in Japan.

In 1989, Mr. Takeda Keiji, current president of Shintake, founded Shintake Hotoku Zendo Kanko Kaihatsu Company Limited in Bangkok, The company began full-on. Since then, Mr. Takeda and Shintake have also been employed by the Japanese Embassy in Thailand in the administrative department dealing with refugees and refugees in Indochina. During the months of April 1986 until August 1990. Mr. Sagasaga, too, was also sent to work at the Japanese Embassy in Thailand for two years Mr. Kobayashi was a member of the Ground Self-Defense Force. (Japanese Army).


Services provided by Shintake serve all your needs, whether you are an expat or a frequent traveler.

End-of-life Care (Zendo)

We help families with all formalities, ceremony and repatriate the remains of loved ones if they suffer an unexpected death or get sick on their travels.

We can supply various services, such as temporary staff and proxy services, according to your requirements.

In the worst-case situation, the remains would have to be repatriated owing to an accident or illness occurring while the individual was on vacation, with an involvement of authority, such as the police, an administrative officer, and hospitals. Alternatively, it is possible that a person has been relocated to a foreign country and culture.

Every country has its own unique way of dealing with this kind of catastrophe. The approach they use to manage their crises is very distinct in some countries. We offer numerous crisis management services.


Travel Planning

Also, we provide accommodations and tour services for air and hotel bookings. We’re there to make your travel arrangements and other demands easier to handle.

Be creative in your trip planning. Your trips are completely your own. You may construct the perfect journey anytime you like, as long as you like.

Your well-deserved holiday is ready for you, with over 4,000 hotels to choose from and over 2,000 additional travel itineraries and airlines. Have a good discussion about any and all of your vacation ideas with us. If you would like, we can search for your vacation for you.

-Personal travel planners
-Booking Air and hotels
-activities reservations
-bookings for a tour
-Vehicle Rentals


Travel insurance

Help protect your vacation, incorporate trip cancellation, luggage, and medical insurance as part of your travel protection plan.

The only people not covered by travel insurance are independent travelers and their families. You can avoid imagining all of the awful possibilities, but there is still a chance that it would happen.

The travel insurance was designed by people who want to be covered in case something happens while they are traveling. Even if you don’t have travel insurance or leave your home without it, you’re covered by Shintake.

Instead of only keeping you and your family secure, with us, you’ll be able to travel in greater safety and style.

-multifaceted mobile applications
-24/7 on-call help
-activity-related travel insurance (extreme sports)


Car Bookings

Interested in looking for a car or van? Book and arrange vehicles with our staff at rock-bottom local prices.


Heath insurance

We have been providing prompt access to medical care to people around the world for over 30 years. We also provide comprehensive (insurance) coverage. We focus on ophthalmology and dentistry, and pursue physical and mental well-being.

These health plans were created with the purpose of attracting and retaining expatriates and have been approved by the Office of Insurance Commissioner in Thailand and elsewhere (OIC). With an array of customizable features, plans that are simple to use, and advantages that are ready when you need them, our plans are very adaptable.

-strategies that work within local regulations
-the needed medical supplies
-worldwide healthcare network
-tailored medical assistance


Legal Assistance

Would you like some help with legal matters? We handle a variety of legal matters from childbirth, death certification. about the local law and legal services in general

Went to jail, got into a scuffle with the police? Our legal team is here to help, and we are able to provide additional services such as identification documents, residence, immigration, and death and birth certification.

-Interpretation and Translation Services
-Legal representation for court and altications relating to law enforcement
-Death and birth
-Property Law
-Commercial Law
-Family Law