Funeral service in Thailand (Topic)
on behalf of the bereaved family (when the bereaved family is unable to come to Thailand)

in the case of the death of a Japanese employee in a company, etc., if you are unsure of various options such as transporting the employee to Japan for the funeral or having the funeral in Thailand and cremation)

Assistance with funeral services and procedures
for the family that has lost a loved one when they arrive in Thailand, including finding a place to stay, taking them to the location they wish to visit, and escorting them. Delivery of personal belongings, signing of papers, etc.) Reporting of death with relevant local authorities.

While in Thailand, the handling of bodies has drastically different outcomes depending on whether the death occurred in a hospital or in someone’s home under a doctor’s diagnosis, versus those with a small possibility of death, such as a locked room.

When the death occurred in the hospital, the hospital’s main role is to assist with postmortem procedures. If the death occurs outside a hospital, the police come into play, and a judicial autopsy is required by law. Since the family’s consent is not required for the autopsy.

Hospital liaison (identification of the body, removal of the body, settlement of medical expenses, explanation of the situation by the doctor in charge, etc.)

Funeral service (Temple or Church), the cancellation of residential document, and contacts with the embassy (death-related procedures, paperwork at the embassy when cremating the body in Thailand and bringing the Ashes back to Japan, receiving valuables from the embassy, etc.).

Recovery and Inheriting of Assets in Thailand
As with many other countries, an appointment letter from the court needs to be presented in order to close the deceased person’s bank account. It is also true for vehicles, real estate (condominiums), stocks, and other similar investments. You must first go through the process of appointing a receiver in the court to sell the debtors for cash.

Survivor’s pension application procedure
Even if you keep your pension certificate and related documents safe, the required documents may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and may be slightly different from county to county.

In most cases, Thai family members cannot read Japanese, Thai lawyers cannot help with the application, and it is too expensive to hire a Japanese lawyer from Thailand.

No one knows when or where they will die, and choosing to end your life is not easy. Over 73 Japanese nationals passed away in Thailand in 2009, 83 in 2010, 92 in 2011, 86 in 2012, 115 in 2013, 101 in 2014, and 101 in 2015. The majority of the deaths were males between the ages of 55 and 65, and approximately 90% of those were. Of the 30% of deaths, approximately 10% were attributed to heart disease, and approximately 10% to brain disease. Around half of the deaths, then, were attributed to disease, which included such factors as traffic accidents, sudden death, and suicide.

After cremation by the embassy, those who die alone or alone and have no relatives in Thailand are placed in Wat RatchaburanaRatchaworawiharn as unrelated person

The embassy will notify the deceased’s emergency contact in home country once the death is confirmed. No further action is required. The embassy will only notify the person the deceased designated as an emergency contact at home, and no further action will be taken.

So what if the person from home country cannot come to Thailand for all such process?

We have previously been told that, “If there is no one to care for it, we have no choice but to arrange for a cremation here in Thailand.

All the assets. deposits at banks and other financial institutions will remain untouched, and we have no idea what will happen to them at the end.

For those who have deposited 800,000 baht and are residing in Thailand on a long-stay visa, this could be a serious matter. If the deposit is lost, the family of the deceased will be unable to make effective use of it. Additionally, it is quite common for the family members who have lost someone to come to Thailand without knowing what procedures are available or where to locate them. Preparation yields improved results.

Most of the expatriates employees in Thailand as, with most of their assets in Thailand held in personal and business bank deposits. The account is used to receive salaries from the employer, and companies sometimes do not follow up on the required legal procedures to close the account, Shintake is also usually asked to support the process

Our company, Shintake, offers end-of-life support with an admission fee from 30,000 Baht

The funeral service in Thailand will be conducted on behalf of the bereaved family.  (In case the bereaved family is unable to come to Thailand)

We can provide assistance (accommodation, transportation, interpretation, etc.) to the bereaved family while they are in Thailand and until they return home, at a greatly reduced rate for frequent travelers.

We can help you if you need to cancel your Thai bank account and if you’ve left all your assets to the state (vehicles, condominiums, stock certificates, etc.).

We’ll apply on behalf of your Thai relatives (wife, etc.) from Thailand for the survivor’s pension.

When someone passes away, it can be especially difficult, and that is even more the case when you are abroad. So that you can quickly and easily proceed with the procedure, we will be here to support you.

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