Shintake Hotoku Zendo Kanko Kaihatsu Co.,Ltd. (Shintake Tour) was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1989 providing concierge services to Japanese individuals, travellers, corporations and Japanese public organisations ever since.

In over 30 years we have been doing this work, we have found that we have worked with approximately 50,000 Japanese residents in Thailand and working with the Japanese government-related organizations. Furthermore, we also run our business ventures to meet the needs of our clients, colleges, and people in Japan.

In 1989, Mr. Takeda Keiji, current president of Shintake, founded Shintake Hotoku Zendo Kanko Kaihatsu Company Limited in Bangkok, The company began full-on. Since then, Mr. Takeda and Shintake have also been employed by the Japanese Embassy in Thailand in the administrative department dealing with refugees and refugees in Indochina. During the months of April 1986 until August 1990. Mr. Sagasaga, too, was also sent to work at the Japanese Embassy in Thailand for two years Mr. Kobayashi was a member of the Ground Self-Defense Force. (Japanese Army)