Airport pickup and drop-off for the bereaved family, accommodation arrangements, transportation to the relevant offices, and escorting the bereaved family to the hospital. (In the case of a death that occurred outside of a hospital, the police will handle the collection of the deceased’s belongings at the police station and the signing of documents.)

In Thailand, there is a big difference in the handling of bodies between “cases where the death was determined to be caused by a doctor’s diagnosis in a hospital or at home” and “cases where the death was recognized to be even slightly incidental, such as death in a locked room.

In the former case, the hospital mainly assists with postmortem procedures as a death in the hospital.

In the latter case, the death occurs outside the hospital and the police are called in to perform a judicial autopsy, which is required by law.

Therefore, the consent of the bereaved family is not required for a judicial autopsy.

The hospital (identification of the body, removal of the body, settlement of medical expenses, explanation of the situation from the doctor in charge, etc.), temple (funeral service), cancellation and settlement of residence, embassy (death-related procedures, paperwork at the embassy for bringing the remains back to Japan after cremation in Thailand, receipt of valuables in case the embassy keeps them, etc.), vehicle arrangements and Japanese interpretation in all cases, etc. (Arrangements for the funeral service) Arrangements)