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Funerals, Inheritance, Survivor's Pension, etc. in Thailand

If you need help with funeral, inheritance, or pension in Thailand, ZENDO is here to help you!


ZENDO Services

Funeral Service in Thailand

ZENDO サービス内容

Funeral services in Thailand (when the bereaved family cannot come to Thailand)

Airport pickup and drop-off for the bereaved family, accommodation arrangements, transportation to the relevant offices, and escorting the bereaved family to the hospital. (In the case of a death that occurred outside of a hospital, the police will handle the collection of the deceased’s belongings at the police station and the signing of documents.)

In Thailand, there is a big difference in the handling of bodies between “cases where the death was determined to be caused by a doctor’s diagnosis in a hospital or at home” and “cases where the death was recognized to be even slightly incidental, such as death in a locked room.

In the former case, the hospital mainly assists with postmortem procedures as a death in the hospital.

In the latter case, the death occurs outside the hospital and the police are called in to perform a judicial autopsy, which is required by law.

Therefore, the consent of the bereaved family is not required for a judicial autopsy.

The hospital (identification of the body, removal of the body, settlement of medical expenses, explanation of the situation from the doctor in charge, etc.), temple (funeral service), cancellation and settlement of residence, embassy (death-related procedures, paperwork at the embassy for bringing the remains back to Japan after cremation in Thailand, receipt of valuables in case the embassy keeps them, etc.), vehicle arrangements and Japanese interpretation in all cases, etc. (Arrangements for the funeral service) Arrangements)

Cancellation of Bank Accounts in Thailand, Inheritance of Assets in Thailand, etc.

Cancellation of bank accounts in Thailand, inheritance of assets in Thailand, etc.

As in Japan, bank accounts of the deceased cannot be closed without a writ appointed by the court as executor of the deceased’s estate.

The same applies to cars, real estate (condominiums), stocks, etc. If you wish to sell these items for cash, you must first be appointed by the court as the executor of the deceased’s estate.

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Application Procedures for Survivor's Pension in Thailand

Even if you have kept your pension certificate and other related documents in a safe place, the required documents may differ slightly depending on the region where you apply, even though you are in the same country.

In most cases, the Thai family members cannot handle the application by themselves because the Thai family members cannot read Japanese, Thai lawyers cannot handle the application, and the application to a Japanese law firm is very expensive, and the documents required by the Japanese side do not exist in Thailand. In most cases, the Thai family cannot handle it alone.

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I never thought I would die in Thailand...

You would never think that you would die in Thailand, but you will die someday, and unless you commit suicide, you do not know when or where you will die, and you do not have a choice. The number of Japanese deaths that the Japanese Consular Section of the Embassy of Japan in Thailand has been involved in is 73 in 2009, 83 in 2010, 92 in 2011, 86 in 2012, 115 in 2013, 101 in 2014, and 101 in 2015. Nearly 90% of the deaths were male and most of them were between 55 and 65 years of age. Traffic accidents, sudden deaths, and suicides accounted for half of the deaths.

Unlike in Japan, when a person dies alone without family, what happens in the case of a so-called “solitary death” is roughly as follows.

First, when the death is confirmed, the Thai police or hospital will contact the Embassy, and the Embassy will notify the deceased’s emergency contact in Japan. This is the end of the embassy’s duty, after which it is left to the Japanese embassy to deal with the matter.

So what if the person cannot come from Japan? According to the embassy, “If there is no underwriter, unfortunately, the documents will be incinerated. Also, bank deposits are hung in the air, and we don’t know what happens to them at the end of the process. He said.

This may be a serious matter, especially for those who have 800,000 baht deposited and residing in Thailand on a long-stay visa. If the deposit is lost, the surviving family members will not be able to use it effectively. It is not good for the bereaved family members, but better for the deceased, and it is also common for the bereaved family members to come to Thailand and not know what to do or where to contact for procedures. In order to avoid causing hardship to the bereaved family, we believe that it is better to be prepared.

In the case of people who belong to an organization such as a company, the funeral service is almost always conducted by the organization to which they belong, but they still invite us for consultation before the funeral and request us to arrange vehicles and personnel.

In the case of corporate clients, most of them are expatriates and most of their assets in Thailand are bank deposits, but even though the accounts are used to transfer salaries from the company, they are still personal assets, so some clients ask us to handle the legal procedures for closing the accounts.

ZENDO offers lifetime support with a 30,000 baht admission fee.

ZENDO's support (in part)

We will conduct the funeral service in Thailand on behalf of the bereaved family.
If the bereaved family is coming to Thailand, we will provide support (accommodation arrangements, transportation, Japanese interpretation, etc.) until they return home at a discounted rate for members.

Assist with Bank of Thailand termination procedures and estate planning (vehicles, condominiums, stock certificates, etc.)

We will process the application for the survivor’s pension on behalf of the Thai relatives (wife, etc.) from Thailand.

It is important to act before it becomes serious!

When a person passes away, even the most confused mind can become confused, and even more so when the person is not sure what to do in a foreign country. We will support your family members to proceed with the procedures without any confusion.

If you join, you will receive the following services

For those who have no one to give the funeral (no relatives on the Japanese side or no supporters on the Thai side)
Simple funeral cremation and scattering of ashes.
The cost will be paid from the admission fee.

For cremation and funeral services in Thailand and transportation of the body to Japan, please contact us.
We offer free consultation by e-mail or phone regarding the disposition of property and inheritance in Thailand.
We offer a free consultation service by phone or e-mail.

There is no initiation fee for the court process of appointing an executor of an estate.
We only charge attorney’s fees and contingency fees.

No fee for processing survivor’s pension applications Only 3 months of benefits as contingency fee



  • 遺産相続執行者任命の為の費用として、着手金+弁護士費用+裁判所印紙代(実費)+法廷通訳代+成功報酬であるのを
  • 弁護士代+成功報酬のみ
  • (タイの一般的な報酬額に従う)
  • 遺族年金申請手続き
  • 従来だと手数料+郵送代などの諸経費+成功報酬
  • を、
  • ​成功報酬のみとする


  • 遺産相続執行者任命の為の費用として、着手金+弁護士費用+裁判所印紙代(実費)+法廷通訳代+成功報酬であるのを
  • 弁護士代+成功報酬のみ
  • (タイの一般的な報酬額に従う)
  • 遺族年金申請手続き
  • 従来だと手数料+郵送代などの諸経費+成功報酬
  • を、
  • ​成功報酬のみとする


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