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Shintake Hotoku Zendo Kanko Kaihatsu Co.,Ltd. (Shintake Tour) was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1989 providing concierge services to Japanese individuals, travellers, corporations and Japanese public organisations ever since.

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In over 30 years we have been doing this work, we have found that we have worked with approximately 50,000 Japanese residents in Thailand and working with the Japanese government-related organizations. Furthermore, we also run our business ventures to meet the needs of our clients, colleges, and people in Japan.

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10th Fl.,U.M.TOWER 9 Ramkhamhaeng Rd.,Suanluang,Bangkok 10250 Thailand

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Tel: 0-2717-3941-3

Fax: 02-717-3944


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Business hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00
Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Holidays Sundays, Thai National Holidays


Date of Establishment July 31, 1989

Company Registration Number 0105532069807 (6980/2532)

License No. 11/1013 (Travel Service License No., Tourism Authority of Thailand)

Our Journey

Our Story

In 1989, Mr. Takeda Keiji, current president of Shintake, founded Shintake Hotoku Zendo Kanko Kaihatsu Company Limited in Bangkok, The company began full-on. Since then, Mr. Takeda and Shintake have also been employed by the Japanese Embassy in Thailand in the administrative department dealing with refugees and refugees in Indochina. During the months of April 1986 until August 1990. Mr. Sagasaga, too, was also sent to work at the Japanese Embassy in Thailand for two years Mr. Kobayashi was a member of the Ground Self-Defense Force. (Japanese Army)

Emperor Hirohito’s visit to Thailand and His Majesty Emperor Michiko of Japan, the meeting of the International Congress of the Confederation, the training of the Japan Defense Research Institute in Thailand.

Prince Akishino Nomiya visit to Thailand, a visit to Thailand by members of the Parliament, the Come Party, a stopover in Pattaya by the Naval Self-Defense Forces. In support of the PKO forces.

Prime Minister Miyazawa’s visit to Thailand, Meeting in Bangkok of the Bureau of Financial Research.

Prince Akishino’s visit to Thailand, the Police Department’s Drug Management Measures Division.

Maritime Self-Defense Force The Marine Squadron stopped in Pattaya (1,000 people), the Thai Police University excursion group.

Prince Akishino’s visit to Thailand, Indian Air Self-Defense Force (6 transport planes) assisted at U-Tapao and Pattaya airports.

Actions related to the Hashimoto Parliamentary Environment Conference and Minister Kawaguchi, organized a group Ryukyu Buyo (dance), an excursion coordinator of the Drug Management Measures Division. Police Office, contract to receive emergency calls with the Japanese Embassy in Thailand.

Maritime Self-Defense Force Landing Squadron Training Squadron stops at the port (800 people), contracts to receive emergency calls with the Japanese Embassy in Singapore (March), Making a contract to receive emergency calls with the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia (April), Coordinating staff work with the Japanese Audit Committee.

Stopover in Thailand of the Maritime Self-Defense Force (650 people), Assist Iraqi Air Self-Defense Forces by staying in Bangkok for 25 days.

Assist the tsunami and Assist by land and sea self-defense forces stationed for 3 months, Make a contract to receive emergency phone calls with the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Make a contract to receive emergency calls with the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, Make an emergency phone contract with the Consul General in Chiang Mai (Thailand), Make a contract to receive emergency phone calls with the Japanese Office of the Johor Bahru and Consulate General of Japan in Penang.

Air Self-Defense Forces assist Iraq (5 times).

Emperor Japan’s visit to Thailand, The Maritime Self-Defense Forces stop at Bangkok (800 people), Celebrating 150 years of Thai-Japanese relations (no performance, and group performance Ryukyu dance), Support and assistance in joining the Self-Defense Force’s Cobra Gold (USA-Thai Joint Exercise), Waseda University Executive Training.

Air Self-Defense Forces assisted Bangkok (5 times), Stopover of the Fisheries University Training Boat Confederation visiting group in Bangkok, Gifu Prefectural Investigation Police.

Bangkok assistance of the Air Self-Defense Forces (5 times), ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting, National Defense Research Institute viewing group, Okinawa dance group performance and visits by investigators of the Osaka City Police, Indirect assistance contracts in Thailand with the external affairs department of the police office.

Meeting of the Parliamentary Group (IPO) Visiting Group of the Ministry of Culture, Foreign department of the police office, The meeting of parliamentarians, Maritime Self-Defense Force visits (2 times), Sending personnel to overseas elections of the embassy, Visit of the fisheries university training boat.

A great earthquake occurred in eastern Japan on the 11 March, Refugee Monitoring Group in Myanmar, There was a great flood in Thailand, Assistance of the JICA Emergency Aid Team.

Mr. Nakagawa visit to Thailand, Minister of Education and Science and Mr. Edano Minister of Economy and Industry, Air Self-Defense Force PKO visited Thailand (5 times), Self-Defense Force assistance with stops in Thailand and Cambodia, Prince Akishino’s visit to Thailand.

Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Thailand, Assistance by visiting Thailand of the Self-Defense Forces, A visit to Thailand by members of the Saitama Prefectural Council, Self-Defense Forces Self-Defense Forces Victim Assistance Activity Training, Assistance with a stop at the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Cambodia.

Ground Self-Defense Force joins drills with American soldiers Cobra Gold, Self-Defense Forces visit Thailand.

There was a revolution in Thailand on May 22, after the revolution, no large meetings were held in Thailand, Organizing seminars and study tours of various universities e.g. Takushoku University, Kyoto University , University of Tokyo , Oita University, Kumamoto University, Meiji University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Waseda University, Momoyama University etc. Air Self-Defense Force visits Thailand, Kyoto University Long-Term Seminar, Fukuoka Environmental Health Department, Board of Investment of Thailand B.O.I. (JICA Project).

Special aircraft of the maritime peacekeeping force visit to Bangkok, Air Self-Defense Force (e.g. send things and personnel to Sudan 5 times).

Ground Self-Defense Force joins drills with American soldiers Cobra Gold, Air Self-Defense Force visits Thailand


  • Zendo Department : In respect to Thailand It is equipped with an environment that is easy for Japanese people to accept, such as religion, history, culture, and weather conditions etc. and there are a lot of Japanese people visiting and in 2007 it rose rapidly until it reached 1.2 million people. Especially recently, There are many tourists who are mainly young people who are called backpackers, Think it’s a good idea to stay as long as possible with the lowest price, So choose a low price even in harsh environments, The consequence is that many things happen. involved in causing many problems to increase.


The Zendo Department began work as requested by the consular department of the Japanese People’s Protection Division by the Japanese Embassy in Thailand since 1995, which has been involved in 20-30 different matters per year However, recently The frequency of various crashes has increased and there are more than 800 case each year especially, about Japanese people with mental disorders increasing rapidly and at present Mental disorders will be reported every month.


We would like to introduce some important tasks that the Zendo Department has undertaken are as follows: Incidentally, for the period when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started receiving emergency phone calls under Article 2(1) above.


  • Practical Assistance for people with mental disorders.
  • Practical Assistance in criminal, civil and drug cases.
  • Practical Assistance on death of the Japanese in Thailand
  • Practical Assistance on illegal guides at the airport, theft and fraud.
  • Take action on other issues of Japanese people (e.g. assisting in repatriation to Japan, helping Japanese people who have been arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, Assisting in the evacuation of Japanese people when riots close the airport and accidents e.g. floods, tsunamis, etc. and assisting in the proceedings regarding the pension of the bereaved family and carry on the inheritance.
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